Women’s Health Study: From Adolescence to Adulthood (A2A)

A2A is a longitudinal study exploring women’s health conditions over a lifespan.

NOTE-2 Study

The NOTE-2 (Novel Treatments for Endometriosis) Study is a 6-month clinical trial currently being offered. This research study is investigating whether an existing non-hormonal medication is effective for controlling pain and symptoms of endometriosis. We will be comparing this study medication to a placebo pill.

NOTE Pilot Study

The NOTE Pilot Study is a 6 month clinical trial comparing two medications for the treatment of endometriosis pain. Women 15-40 years old who have had surgery for endometriosis in the last 2 years may be eligible to participate.

SAGE Trial

The SAGE Trial was a 6 month trial exploring the effects of nutrition on the development and severity of the symptoms of endometriosis. We are currently analyzing the data from this project and will be reporting the results here soon.

Progression Study

The Progression Study was a substudy of the Women’s Health Study: From Adolescence to Adulthood designed to learn more about endometriosis. Participants were asked to provide a saliva and blood sample at pre-op (before surgery), post-op (6 weeks after surgery), and 1 year after surgery.