The NOTE Study

The NOTE (Novel Treatments for Endometriosis) Study is a 6-month clinical trial sponsored by the Boston Center for Endometriosis. We are comparing the effects of a non-hormonal medication versus a commonly used endometriosis medication for treatment of endometriosis pain. Women 15-40 years old who have had surgery for endometriosis in the last 2 years may be eligible to participate.

Participants are asked to:

  • Come to Boston Children’s Hospital for 3 research visits (1 visit every 3 months)
  • Give urine, saliva, and blood samples and have vital signs taken at each visit
  • Complete  a questionnaire about your health at each visit
  • Take 2 pills for 6 months. All patients will receive 1 medication and 1 placebo. No patients will receive only placebo.

Visits take place in the Clinical and Translational Study Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital. Participation is voluntary and participants are thanked for their time with up to $225 in gift cards, plus parking or MBTA vouchers.

This study is not currently recruiting. For additional information, please contact Jenny Sadler Gallagher at 617-355-7959 or