Toward New Approaches to Endometriosis-Associated Pain

On Dec. 5, 2018, Dr. Michael S. Rogers, PhD, Co-Associate Scientific Director of Basis Science Research for the Boston Center for Endometriosis, was the featured speaker at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Department of Surgery Medical Grand Rounds. In his presentation, “Toward New Approaches to Endometriosis-associated Pain,” Dr. Rogers gave an introduction to endometriosis and the current scientific understanding of causes of the disease, including potential genetic links. He reviewed current drug and surgical therapies for treatment of endometriosis, emphasizing the fact that for many women, current options don’t provide long-term relief.

He then described his current research, which focuses on creating new animal models of endometriosis. Dr. Rogers and his team developed a new way of giving mice “endometriosis.” In lab tests, the animals have shown sensitivity to touch, temperature, and abdominal pain, as well as changes in sensitivity of individual nerves. When treated with existing drugs that provide some women relief from endometriosis-associated pain, the mice also experienced relief. Going forward, Dr. Rogers’ goal is to use his mouse model of endometriosis to identify existing drugs that might be repurposed to treat endometriosis and to develop new drugs for the disease.