How to Participate

Participants who are female and over 7 years old are eligible to participate. Individuals going through menopause are not eligible to participate. Participation is voluntary, and parental consent is
required for participants under 18 years old.

If you live in or near Boston:

  • Come to Longwood Medical Area for a 1 hour research study visit. At this visit, you will read through the consent form, collect samples (urine, saliva, and optional blood), and complete a quick questionnaire. If your research study visit is on a day you do not have a clinical appointment, we can provide you a parking voucher or MBTA card.
  • At home, you will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire, a nutrition questionnaire, and a kit to collect saliva samples for 5 consecutive mornings. All materials can be mailed back to the study team using pre-paid packaging and envelopes.
  • You will receive $25 gift card to Target or Amazon upon completion of the samples and questionnaires, and an extra $10 gift card if you choose to provide a blood sample.
  • In future years, you can schedule in-person visits with our research team, or you can choose to participate through the mail.

If you do not live in or near Boston:

  • Schedule a time to talk on the phone with a Research Assistant to read through the consent form.
  • We will mail questionnaires and sample collection kits to you, and you can mail them back to our lab, at no cost to you.
  • Once you complete the samples and questionnaires, we will mail you a $25 gift card as a thank you for participating.
  • In future years, you can continue to participate through the mail.

To participate, please contact the study team at:

Boston Children’s Hospital (if you are 25 or younger):


Brigham and Women’s Hospital (if you are over 25 years old):